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10 Reasons Restaurants Will Benefit From Online Ordering

Food and internet, the two leading trends in the current generation, that the food industry thrives on. Business is booming, but how feasible is it for you to invest in online ordering, over dine-in and take-out? How much time can it save, and how will it promote your restaurant? Is creating an order-online service worth it, or should you get an employee to sit and receive phone calls and quickly and accurately try to type the information into the system over the noise and bustle? Below are some ways you can benefit from using a digital platform.

  • Appeal to Wider Audience

    The internet is a huge place. Think of how much more business you can generate if your restaurant appears all over the radius around your business rather than to just those who dine-in or get home deliveries. You can attract an unbelievable number of customers with the right marketing.

  • Loyalty Programs

    You can make sure you don’t lose customers by offering concessions, deals, discounts and freebies specific to those who regularly order online. This way, you can encourage more people to place online orders and promote future visits, while attracting new ones.

  • Better Engagement and Customer Service

    You can interact much better with your customers by personally asking for feedback, online reviews, and a database with food pictures they could post directly on your page. You can also tend to complaints better, and offer better customer service.

  • Easier Business

    Communication is easier, data that is entered online offers a lesser chance of miscommunication; it’s accurate to the word and can be specific to the client’s requirements alongside customizability options. Furthermore, you’d be likely to attract more people who’d prefer eating at home and avoiding long phone calls or drives.

  • Alerts

    You can create an app for your restaurant and use the push notification to keep in contact with your customers by alerting them about new deals, changes in menu, discounts, and events.

  • Customer data

    Demographic information can help you store customer information and track down their address, numbers, names and other data from previous orders, which is a convenient idea and a great time saver, as well as an easier way to remember the regulars of your clients.

  • Pre-bookings, reservations

    An online app or page makes the whole process of making bookings or reservations much easier and smoother, for both you and the customer. It can be done in a more specific and systemized manner online, rather than driving to the restaurant or making long, confusing phone calls.

  • Smoother process

    It’s a nuisance for both the owners and customers when there’s a shortage in seating space on weekends, or too much noise in the restaurant keeps the waiter from hearing you. Online ordering saves everyone from this hassle and eliminates the possibility of mistakes in the order. Not only this, but it also lets the shy ones order from you, who’d otherwise be too anxious to make phone calls.

  • Social Media Integration

    Since social media is a huge deal now, there is no better way to sell your business. You can get a much better response and easier marketing by using your page or app as a tool. Rather than waste money on brochures and banners, get sponsored on Facebook or Instagram to have your new ad automatically appear on everyone’s page.

  • Directions

    Although most people now prefer ordering in, hungry ones on the road will go straight to the closest restaurant they can find; they won’t spend time trying to find your franchise. Luckily, you can opt for the built-in GPRS Navigation feature, which also enables your delivery boys to get the food to its destination on time more easily.
    The 21st century has offered you the opportunity to double your business with lesser sweat, blood, and tears. The internet is in, apps are in, and so is food which can be delivered right to your doorstep at the push of a few buttons on your phone.

What experience restaurant customers subconsciously selecting?

Anyone who has ever run a successful restaurant knows that the key to restaurant success is customer experience and satisfaction. When people go out to eat with their friends and family, they want more than good food. They want an experience. In fact, it’s been shown that consistency and convenience are often times even more important to restaurant goers than the food. People will still go to a restaurant with sub-par food if the atmosphere is what they are looking for, they can get in easily without a long wait and the food is consistently sub-par. People are creatures of habit and convenience and they want to know what they can expect.

If you want on-going customer loyalty, then you need to make it as easy as possible for a customer to be loyal. Not only do your food and menu choices have to be on par with all of your surrounding restaurants but so does your atmosphere and ease of ordering. You have to create an atmosphere that lends you to a higher customer satisfaction and that usually means you’ve got to make things easy. Your service needs to be top notch and so does your web and mobile based platforms.

Most restaurants these days have some type of online presence. If they don’t, they probably looking to build that now. In a world that is run more and more online, it’s imperative that your online presence reflects who you are and what you do. Your website needs to reflect your brand and the ability to order food online needs to be easy and user friendly.

That’s where an online ordering website that is functional, easy to use and reflective of the brand comes in strong. A lot of services out there offer the functionality to order online, but unfortunately they don’t reflect the brand values of the restaurants they are listing. They don’t showcase every restaurant for it’s individual uniqueness and options. They also don’t usually showcase the restaurant’s contact information or stay up to date with the menu changes. Instead they charge restaurants high fees to list them with a bunch of other restaurants in a hard to use and navigate system that not only frustrates the customer but also usually doesn’t even list the restaurant high enough in the search results to get any additional attention to the restaurant in question. Not only that, but these third party restaurant listings are in direct competition to your own website and are also marketing and promoting other restaurants for your potential customers to choose from. None of this makes any sense if you are trying to create loyal customers. Instead, we can offer a better way. We will help you build a premier online ordering website that will help you create a loyal customer for life. After all, creating customer loyalty is as easy and hard as creating a reliable and convenient experience for the customer every time.

If you want repeat customers and repeat orders then you need to make it easy for them to order. That sounds simple, in theory, but so many restaurants have a hard time executing that on a daily basis. A lot of restaurants thought they were creating a certain customer experience by being hard to find, and even harder to get into, and they made their menu items unclear. They thought they were creating an “exclusivity” that would lend them to being a different experience than all the other restaurants in the area. What they found was that they were merely creating an experience that no one wanted. They may have had their few “regulars” that knew where and how to find them, but they couldn’t create the sort of experience that would lend their restaurant to long-term success and growth. That’s where we come in. We are in the business of helping you create a positive and consistent dining experience for your customer every time. We may not be able to help you consistently serve the best food in the area- we’ll leave that up to you and your expertise, but what we can do is help you serve up the best and most consistently easy customer ordering experience on the market. That’s what we do, that’s what we are good at and that’s what we are going to promise for you.

8 Online Marketing Techniques that can Grow Your Restaurants Orders

Running a restaurant business, which does not get enough orders online? Fair enough, do not entertain the thought of closing down and trying another business if it comes to your mind. Your restaurant can get more online orders if you implement the right techniques. So today, we share with you 8 proven online marketing techniques that can see more consumers order your food and drinks online.

  • Share Nice Photos of What You Offer

    Nothing attracts consumers to a restaurant more than a range of mouth-watering photos of foods and drinks offered at the venue. In fact, 99% of customers make the decision to order based on photos alone. Therefore, be sure to share a variety of quality images to entice your online visitors. You may need to use a professional photography service for the best results.

  • Tap into the Power of Google My Business

    Google My Business (GMB) is a straightforward tool designed to help businesses manage their online presence across Google, including Search as well as Maps. Setting up GMP, which is free, increases your restaurant’s visibility on Google. That means more people are able to find you and learn about your restaurant. With that, you can look forward to more online orders.

  • Tap into Social Media

    Maybe your social media absence is the reason why you get fewer orders than you should. Most customers now look for restaurants on social media besides Google. If you are not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another social media platform, now is the time to join those. After all, you will not have to pay anything to add your restaurant to any of these social platforms.

  • Geotarget the Right People

    Even though search engines and social media platforms make your restaurant visible to anybody anywhere, it does not help to have people who are too many miles visit your website. After all, they will not order. it benefits to promote your website to people who are in your geographical location because they can actually be your customers. Therefore, use geotargeting to reach out to the right individuals.

  • Offer Your Customers Freebies

    Offering your customers freebies does not decrease your profits, as it seems to do. Instead, it adds value to the interaction between your customers and business, giving them positive feelings about your entity.

    For example, you can offer a free bottle of soda on every two large pizzas ordered or a free plate of roasted chicken rice on every two plates of the same ordered. There are just too many creative and profitable ways in which you can offer freebies to your customers.

    This not only encourages them to order more but it also lures them to try other products you offer. What’s more, it makes your customers share the good news with others, creating a positive buzz about your brand and attracting more people.

  • Respond to Customers Instantly

    Maybe what is hurting your restaurant is the fact that you take too long to respond to your customers whenever they reach out. Nothing can be more frustrating to a customer than having to wait 3 days to get a response for a simple inquiry. Businesses that understand how this frustration feels do not keep their customers waiting. They provide a response almost immediately and hence acquire more customers and retain almost all the existing ones. A good rule of thumb is never to keep your customer waiting longer than one hour. Hire a social media manager to handle this task if you lack the time.

  • Make Sure Your Reviews are Positive

    Ninety percent of your new customers will check your reviews online before ordering. Obviously, if the majority of those are bad, only a few will go ahead to order. So it is important to make sure your reviews are positive, at least a good number of those. By that, I do not mean you delete the negative reviews or pay people to write dishonest positive reviews. What I mean is that you need to be great at what you do to get your customers to sing your praises.

  • Check Your Prices

    Another effective marketing technique for a restaurant business is to offer better prices than what your competitors do. Lower your prices just a little bit to get more people to order from you as opposed to from other restaurants. With these tough economic times, you can be sure that more customers now consider price in making a decision to order.

Final Thoughts

If you notice that your restaurant is getting fewer orders online than it should do, do not give up on it just yet. There is still hope for it. Simply implement these eight simple online marketing techniques and you can thank me later.

How Restaurant owners re-inventing business with online ordering!

Online ordering for restaurants is no longer just an option for those restaurants owners who are looking to increase sales. Instead, it is a necessity.

Do you own or manage a restaurant? If yes, then you should make online ordering one of the central parts of your website. Restaurants are crossing a digital milestone. In fact, reports show that the number of orders placed online is now higher than the total number of orders placed verbally over phones.

Here are more reasons why investing in online ordering is the way to go:

  • It improves restaurant operations

    Investing in online ordering can create operational efficiency in the restaurant in various ways. First, it improves order accuracy because the customers will be placing correct orders online, and there is no chance of misunderstanding them on the phone. Secondly, customers place orders after paying for them. Pre-payment usually removes a whole step in the process, hence increasing efficiency. Last but not least, it frees up your staff from having to be slaves to the phone. They can actually process the order at their convenience.

  • It’s the best way to collect important customer data

    Investing in online food ordering is the best way to know your customers beyond their names and faces. Great online ordering systems capture customers’ ordering preferences, emails and purchase history. You can use such data to design customized emails that you can use in email marketing.

  • It keeps the cost transparent

    An online ordering system makes the entire buying process transparent. Your customers can see how much they are supposed to pay, and there are no any hidden costs or guesses as to what the final amount will be. This will help you earn the trust of your customers, and this is great for your restaurant business.

  • Staying ahead of competition

    Even though most customers, especially millennials, prefer ordering items online, the majority of restaurants don’t have online ordering systems. This means that providing the option of online ordering will allow your restaurant to stand out and compete even against the most established restaurants.

  • Monitoring your expenses in real time

    Online ordering is a system that gives accurate current and historical revenue information, especially about the cash flow in your restaurant, types of dishes sold and other customer trends. These metrics allow the business owners to fine tune their operations, reduce expenses and be more profitable.

  • Convenience

    People today are looking for convenience. Online ordering for restaurants allows customers to place orders from wherever they are. This saves them a lot of resources and time. The general public will always order from restaurants that provide convenience because that’s what they crave.

  • Saves money

    Online ordering for restaurants eliminates the need to have an employee who is dedicated to only taking orders from customers who are calling to make orders. When you invest in online ordering, you won’t have to employ someone solely for the purpose of taking orders, and this will save the business a lot of money and space.

  • Saves time

    Taking orders verbally on phones is tiring and problematic. First, talking to customers and taking their orders consumes a lot of time. Secondly, taking orders through phone calls limits the number of customers who can make orders at a time because some of them will have to wait while other phone calls are being received. Investing in online ordering eliminates all these frustrations. It is a much more efficient system that will save time and allow you to accommodate more customers.

  • Reduces noise

    For your restaurant business to be successful, you must provide the best guest experience by eliminating anything that can negatively affect your guests. One way of doing this is by investing in online ordering because it will reduce or eliminate the noise and non-stop distraction that usually come from the constant ringing of the phone as customers call to place orders. Online ordering for restaurants means that the orders are only entered into the POS system quietly.


Online Ordering for restraunts is a sure way to grab the attention of customers and to improve the operations of the business while keeping the costs down and maximizing profits.

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