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5 Tips That Can Grow Your Wallet Share in 2021

Huge market share is an excellent way of asserting your dominance over other online food ordering websites. With a few simple tricks of increasing your share in the market under your belt, you could surge your sales, revenue, and reputation. Read on to know 5 tips to grow your wallet share!

Online Food Ordering Platform

  1. Lower the prices:

People are drawn to lower prices yet high-quality products. The lower the prices, the more the customers, the larger the customer base. This will increase your sales and give you a big market share. At the same time, you might also want to consider putting up marked-up dishes and drinks at a discount. Nothing customers love more than getting a good deal!

  1. Good advertising:

Advertisements are the first link between an online food ordering platform and the customer. You could either make a deal with ads or break it. Short ads that have relevant information, and exotic images, will capture more customers, which then would lead to more sales and eventually to a gigantic share in the market. Though advertisements can be expensive, you can still keep your expenses low if you manage them smartly.

Online Ordering For Restaurants

  1. Good buyer-seller relationship:

Treat your loyal customers like royalty. At the same time, you might want to strengthen your relationship with new customers as well. For one, you could sell the first order at a lower price. You could also introduce a point reward system. This will encourage the customers to buy more from you in exchange for some goodies at the end of a milestone. A huge customer base, with a decent relationship with them, would capture you a large market share!

  1. Partnership:

Partnering with or acquiring another online food ordering software could combine the customers of both yours and your partners, increasing the joint customer base twofold. With eliminated competition and a major increment in the consumers, your wallet share would instantly shoot up the roof.

Ordering Online System

  1. Keep up with the times:

Studying the current trends in restaurant online ordering and fulfilling the latest demands of the customers will give you an edge over your rival online food ordering system. Thus, frequently read the reviews left by customers and see what they presently demand. Implement those suggestions and watch your market share soar.

How to Keep Your Target Audience Engaged in 2021

The hospitality business is one of the most lucrative ones out there. People would never stop spending huge sums of money on good food and drinks. It may go through its ups and downs, but in the long run, it always stays lucrative.

Best Restaurant Website Design

However, keeping the customers in the loop can be a little tricky, especially with so much competition out there. Read on to know 5 ways to keep your target audience engaged.

  • Keeping up with the demands:

With various online food ordering websites cropping up each day, the demands of the customers never cease to increase. Thus, keeping ahead of their requests through monitoring the market and implementing the new needs can come in handy in the long run. More often than not, the reviews can have gems of innovative ideas that can be used by online food ordering systems to keep the target audience engaged.

Online Food Ordering Systems

  • Use of social media:

Social media is a cost-effective way of advertising. Partnering with social media influencers or launching a paid ad campaign to attract customers to your page is the first step. The next is to keep them engaged with the content on your page. Updating blogs on food and what services you can offer to them on Instagram and Facebook would shoot up the demands for your services in no time!

  • Being responsive to queries and questions

A lot of times, people approach the customer support of the online food ordering platform directly, either by messaging their page on social media or via email. The key to engagement here is to be as responsive as possible. Studies show that sites that are more responsive than the rest also tend to have more customers. It’s no rocket science. Respond to their queries and win their attention.

Restaurant Website Design and Development

  • Keeping the followers up to date:

Online food ordering systems frequently undergo changes and reforms, especially when it comes to technical policies. Keeping your followers in the loop with these changes would increase the engagement trifold. The more you involve them, the more they’ll involve you as well.

  • Keeping things digital:

With the rising use of the internet and social media, advertising your online food ordering software in print is pointless. Take your ads to a place where you’ll get more visibility, easy engagement, and transparency. Thus, spend your money on digital engagement strategies rather than print.

How to Get Noticed By Using Local SEO To Your Advantage!

Get Noticed by Using Local SEO

How to Get Noticed By Using Local SEO To Your Advantage!

Internet is a miraculous tool to get noticed by the world easily. It’s relatively inexpensive than traditional marketing ways, simpler, and with more scope. But even digital marketing requires some know-how. Search engine optimization is your one-stop solution for that. Read on to know how you can get noticed via SEO.

4 Tips To Get Noticed With SEO

1) Increase the loading speed:

We don’t suppose many people would fancy waiting hours for your online food ordering system to load. This is why lightning speed loading is imperative. All your pages need to be quick on their feet. Another reason why your site needs to be quick is that Google usually uses the loading speed as a parameter for ranking. The lower the speed, the lower the ranking on the search engine results page. Thus, to optimize your website for more clicks, be lightning fast.

2) Have a comprehensive “about us” page:

If you’re an online food ordering platform, you would assume that an introduction is not required. That notion couldn’t be more wrong. Allowing your users to know who you are, what your business is about, what your goals are, whom do you want to serve, and to what extent are you willing to go to serve them is vital. This will not only optimize your content for search engines but also develop an unbreachable seller-buyer bond.

3) Use relevant SEO keywords:

Optimizing your content with SEO keywords is the foremost thing that needs to be done for you to get noticed. The more relevant keywords you use, the higher the chances of you getting spotted any time a user does a simple search. This is also a crucial aspect of content marketing, which is pretty common amongst online food ordering systems nowadays.

4) Get incoming links:

Incoming links are a perfect way to get noticed by the visitors of countless other websites, and if they’re authoritative blogs, hallelujah! This will only happen if you develop your blog and attract the notice of some dominant websites. Again, not only will more people get to know about your restaurant ordering system software, but your ranking on google would also shoot up.

How to Turn Customer Reviews Into Opportunities

Turn Customer Reviews Into Opportunities

How to Turn Customer Reviews Into Opportunities

In this age of computers and the internet, nobody does anything without getting a second opinion.  If you run an online food ordering platform, rest assured, any service you provide will be reviewed by the customer. And the same reviews could either increase your sales or decrease them. Read on to know how you can capitalize on customer reviews and create opportunities.

4 Ways To Turn Customer Reviews Into Opportunities

1) Respond to a negative review:

The one mistake that most online food ordering websites make while reading the reviews is, to leave the negative ones as it is. Addressing the grievance of the customer is imperative. If you can solve the problem of the angry reviewer, then promptly do it. However, if the solution is unreachable, the least you can do is acknowledge the bad review and promise better services in the future. This will show potential customers that you have their best interest at heart.

2) Use the review to bring about some reforms:

A lot of reviews could contain some business strategies that you can use to attract more customers to your online food ordering platform. Such reviews could contain suggestions as to how the online ordering website can offer more seamless food ordering services to the consumers. Studying such recommendations and niftily implementing the same as well could augment your sales manifold. Even if it is an angry rant left by a fuming customer, there could be some precious suggestions hidden that could become your key to more revenue.

3) Establish a self-service forum from the reviews:

More often than not, several reviews tend to have the same grievance. Such common queries and grievances can be solved with just one mechanism. You could launch some short video tutorial, or a manual, or even incorporate a section on FAQs in your restaurant ordering system to address commonly issued complaints. The customer can then help themselves in resolving their issue by referring to the tutorial, the manual, or the FAQs section, leaving the consumer satisfied.

4) Constitute a special team:

Compose a special team of employees that specifically deals with reading and analyzing both positive and negative reviews. The conclusion of such comprehensive studies can then be used to formulate and implement strategies to turn negative reviews into positive ones and the positives ones into replications! In this way, you could capitalize on the reviews and increase sales!

How to Bounce Back From the Coronavirus Era – Hospitality Business Special

Hospitality Business Special during Covid-19

How to Bounce Back From the Coronavirus Era – Hospitality Business Special

When coronavirus shoved the world into their homes, the hospitality business took a major hit. Restaurants, bars, and hotels all had to shut down, and there was a major revenue drought. But now that the world is opening back up, it’s time to bounce back in the game! Read on to know 3 ways through which hospitality businesses can bounce back!

3 Ways Through Which Hospitality Business Can Bounce Back Post-Coronavirus

1) Solve the pressing problems:

When it comes to online food ordering websites, the one major challenge they will face post-corona is winning back the apprehensive customers. People are afraid to order food online due to the fear of being exposed to the virus. This can easily be countered by following the standard operating procedure amid the pandemic. As long as the customers are certain that all the safety and hygienic protocol is being followed by the online food ordering platform and the restaurant affiliated with them, they can rest easy and order food, which will eventually reflect on your sales and revenue.

2) Special offers and discounts:

Online food ordering systems lost massive revenue during a pandemic due to inadequate customers, needless to say. However, now that the hospitality industry is opening up, and with it the restaurants, it’s time to recover the lost revenue, or rather the lost customers. This can be done by introducing some limited period special offers and discounts. You could either sell the dishes at a lower rate or throw in free items with whatever your customers are ordering. We heard free soft drinks go well with warm pizza, but that’s just us!

3) Be active on social media:

Social media is a great tool to advertise your services. A rigorous ad campaign on Instagram or Facebook would remind the world that they can order tasty food with just a few clicks on your online food ordering software! This would push people to visit your online ordering website and perhaps even place an order or two. If you’re tight on budget, you could use the magic of content marketing to win back the lost customers!

How to Triumph Over Competitors

Triumph Over Competitors

How to Triumph Over Competitors

Regardless of what kind of a business an entrepreneur runs, the fierce competition would always loom over the head of the proprietor. What matters is how well can you deal with the competition to stay ahead of the game and capture a large share in the market! Read on to know four ways through which you can triumph over your business competitors with ease.

4 Ways of keeping ahead of the competition

1. Know your competitors:

How would you deal with the competition when you don’t even know it? Thus, studying the strengths and weaknesses of all your competitors is key in staying ahead of them. Learn everything about your fellow online food ordering websites and see what they have to offer. Use their weak points, such as poor restaurant website design, to your advantage by using a prominent restaurant website builder to stand out.

2. Underline the difference:

Map out all the differences you and your rivals may have, and study what makes them better than you. Find out why customers are attracted to their restaurant ordering system over yours. Once you know the differences, devise ways to counter the same. If they provide food at low rates, you can go even lower or maybe offer something more in the same price range.

3. Know the customers:

Customers are vital in increasing sales. Attracting more customers than your competitors and perhaps even winning over their customers is crucial in staying ahead of the rivals. This can only be done if you know the customers and their needs well. Offer what they desire, such as quality service, low prices, and the ability to listening to their custom requirements. By providing a seamless online food ordering platform, the customers would be able to order good food without much fuss and minimal contact.

4. Treat loyal customers well:

Keeping loyal customers happy is vital, while running an online ordering system. If they’re hungry today, they will be hungry tomorrow as well, and each time they’re hungry, they should know that your food delivery system will always have their backs. To keep them happy, propose special offers, or devise a reward points system. This will not only keep your faithful consumers in the loop but also give them something in return. This will also prompt them to order from your online ordering website any time they feel their bellies growl.

How Does Product Photography Translate Into More Orders?

Online Food Ordering Systems

Images appeal to consumers more than anything. And thus, product photography has become the trend of the day for advertising, especially because of the rising use of online food ordering systems. Read on to know how product photography translates into more orders.

Product Photography and its Significance on Advertising

The visitors of online food ordering websites can’t smell the food through their phones, neither can they snatch a bite, but they can certainly absorb the elegance of the dish through the phone, enough to make their stomachs growl and mouth water. Enter product photography!

1. Boosts Engagement:

Product photography is key in boosting the engagement, which would funnel into more order and then to more sales. Using big, beautiful, and high-resolution images with proper optimization would attract people from all over the internet and grasp their attention.

2. Customer trust:

When a person can see the pictures of what they’re thinking of ordering, their trust in the product and the sellers increase manifold. From shape to colour, to texture, to quality, everything needs to be in the image. This will convey the authenticity of the product, which will lead to more orders being placed.

3. Images increase buyer’s attention:

When a customer scrolls through the list of similar food items to choose from, they are mostly attracted to the items with the images attached to them. The more attention the dish gets, the more the sales! Thus, food website design plays a key role in restaurant website development, attracting customers, and eventually increasing sales. This is where product photography sweeps in and saves the day!

4. Sets expectations:

Product photography in an online food ordering system sets the expectations of the customer. If the photography is good, the expectation would be better. This would come in handy when the customer is weighing their options and comparing your products with that of the rivals. You would then have leverage because you already have a good impression in the minds of the customer.

5. Reduces competition:

You’d be surprised by how many people do not value the phenomenon of product photography. The chances of one of them being your rivals is pretty solid. Hence this strategy could easily keep the competition at bay and you at the top. This will help you grab your share of the customers as well!

Digital Transformation: Tips For A Restaurant Business

Thanks to digital transformation, the customer experience is getting personalised and better with each passing day. The fast-paced changes in digital life have prompted everyone to rethink old ways of conducting a business. Read this article to understand why and how your team can adapt to the latest web revolution.

User-Friendly Website

Your website is like your digital business card. A professional yet user-friendly website allows you to become a part of the consumer’s lifestyle. The website must be mobile phone optimised and must have a theme page, a detailed menu, gallery, testimonials from customers, about us, and an online food ordering system.

Use SEO to drive organic traffic to your website. Create a blog with relevant and striking content. You can even post about your team and interviews with the chef to create a sense of intimacy.

Online Food Ordering Software

What’s better than binge-watching Netflix and munching on mouth-watering delicacies? Your restaurant needs an online food ordering website or application with online payments to cater to these cravings. You can partner with home food delivery services, but nothing beats an in house delivery with streamlined processes. It gives you full control, personal touch, and ensures optimal customer satisfaction.


If necessary, opt for remarketing or retargeting. It allows you to limit the amount you want to spend in a day, reaches straight to the target audience, and analyses your ad’s performance. These ads follow prospects who visited your website and serves as a reminder them that they showed an interest in your restaurant.

Email and SMS Marketing

Launching SMS and Email Campaigns is the best way of drawing your existing customers back and attracting more. Utilise your CRM database and compile a list of recipients. Then draft engaging content that slightly pushes your lost patrons to come back and design it in a way that stands out from other spam mail. Include giveaways, special guests, newsletters, and value offer that are favourable to both business and customers. SMSs have a high opening rate, so they must be short, relevant, and striking.

Social Media Marketing

A strong social media presence is the easiest and most effective way to generate customers and network opportunities. Run contests and giveaways, offering gift cards, coupons, and free meals as rewards. Interact with customers by responding to their comments and tweets. Be consistent and schedule your posts.

Influencer Marketing

Suppose your social media presence is limited, and you are looking for a mass audience. In that case, influencer marketing is the answer. Seek out a few local, credible influencers of the food industry and invite them to your restaurant. Promise them a free meal and if they like it, ask them to post about your restaurant in exchange for a fee or a definite number of free meals.

Attracting customers has never been more challenging. Model your restaurant to adapt to the latest digital transformations, and make your way into the market.

Ranking A Restaurant Business On Google’s First Page

In this digital age, if you want to see your restaurant abuzz with customers, your business must have a robust presence online. Once potential customers have found your space, the process of converting them into permanent customers starts from having a stellar website and giving them reasons on why they should try out your restaurant!

If you are clueless on how to achieve the abovementioned steps, follow these tips to enhance your Google ranking and catch the wandering eyes of customers:


SEO strategy and optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique to optimise your website for better Google ranking.

SEO is an ongoing effort, and you need a strategy to tap its full potential. First, define your audience and geographic location to narrow down the competition. Then research keywords and phrases that customers are searching for, which can be done by Google Keyword Planner or another third-party keyword research tool.

Add relevant and engaging content to your website, off-site listings, and correct contact information. Focus on back links, on-page, indexing, and White Hat techniques to better rank your webpage on Google.


Local SEO

Your ranking is dependent on the restaurant’s proximity to a user’s geolocation. To increase your chances of getting in the top searches, focus on improving Google ranking in a specific location. To do so, emphasise your location on the website.

Use context and keywords indicating where your restaurant is and what area it serves. For example, there are 42,000 searches for “pizza near me” in Melbourne every month, if you are serving pizza in the city, then optimise your website such that when people look for pizza in Melbourne, Google lists you on top.


Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is a free and easy to use tool that’s the best source of traffic for local businesses. Google prioritises local businesses via this tool, so it is of utmost importance to create a profile on it. Follow all the guidelines, choose the correct category, and optimise it to perfection. Add as many details as possible; the more the information, the more Google will prefer you over other competitors. Add photos, menu, FAQs, links to the menu, and your website.

You can even add Google Posts that are 300-worded articles. Add pictures and links to make it more eye-catching and use them to promote special events, offers, star guests, and anything special that can help draw in crowds.


Mobile-Friendly Website

The majority of your website traffic is going to be from a mobile or tablet. So, if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you are losing valuable business. If your website isn’t responsive, then redesigning it takes top priority, since Google uses a mobile-first index to rank mobile-friendly websites higher in searches.

Ensure that the website provides optimum customer experience with user-friendly navigation, readable text, screen size adaptive content, and enough space between clickable links. You can use tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to determine if your website is mobile-friendly.


Develop Robust Restaurant Online Ordering

Restaurant online ordering system would not only enable customers to place an order online, save man-hours behind the phone but it also helps rank your website high on Google. One of the criteria of how Google algorithms determine the site’s relevance to popular searches is the amount of time your customers spend on the website.

If your website is missing online ordering or redirects to a 3rd party, in essence, your customers bounce off your website quickly enough to not create the strong metric of customer engagement for Google.

Majority of the users do not go past Google’s first page. If your website is one of them, follow these tips to drive more hungry customers into your restaurant.

Website Tips ForBest Customer Experience

In this digital age, your website is what catches your customer’s interest in your restaurant. Beautiful user interface and optimum user experience are criticalinensuring maximum visibility. Follow these tips to design the best website there is!


Easy Navigation

A user-friendly website is synonymous to ease of navigation. A restaurant website development must take place with a mindset of how users will see the website and not how the team uses it internally. Don’t make customers work too hard in figuring out how to scroll or navigate. If they find it too time-consuming, they might leave the website, which would lead to a high bounce rate and low search engine visibility.


Granular Order Customisation

For fussy users, your website must provide granular order customisation. Inculcate the scope of personalisation like the need for extra salt, reduced sugar, specifications in delivery like not ringing the bell,or the addition of extra cutlery. Ensure that this doesn’t complicate the ordering process too much, ultimately making it less user-friendly.


Transaction Details

For online orders, make sure that there’s effective and automated communication with emails and SMS for transactions. The customer must receive an invoice, detailing the transaction and their order details as soon as the order is placed. It provides a sense of security to the customer and increases the chances of them ordering again.


Detailed Menu

The first thing that the customer looks up is the menu. The graphics should be attractive, easy to read, and list details like allergens on dishes, the updated price, and appealing photos of dishes. Add categories like Veg, Non-Veg, Starters, Main Course, and Beverages; and a separate online ordering menu. If your restaurant features seasonal menus, post it on your social media handle and direct the website visitors to it.Or you can display your social feed on the website if you don’t want them to leave your website.


Customer Feedback

Customer’s opinions are essential for the success of any business. Asking for feedback makes the customers feel valued and helps reduce their grievances. For easy customer feedback, create a feedback form at the end of the landing page. Ensure that you don’t ask unnecessary information as it might kill the motivation to fill it. Just include details like name, a star rating and an optional explanation of the review. Remember, every feedback matters.


Easy Login

Make use of social logins on the website, since it doesn’t take too much time and maintains customer’s interest. If you ask for the user to manually add details, they might leave the website and seek for the less tedious one.


A website significantly enhances your visibility, and incorporating these tips into your website will boost the customer experience manifolds. If you do not want to spend much on getting a website developed, make one yourself! Just search for the best website builder for restaurants, and you are good to go.