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5 Ways to Drive Massive Customer Loyalty

Attracting new customers to your restaurant is probably the biggest priority for a restaurant owner. But the ones that stick around,offering repeat business, they serve as word-of-mouth marketers. Here are 5 ways to ensure a restaurant full of regulars. Read on!


Excellent Customer Service

Local restaurants and small businesses have the benefit of adding the personal touch that franchises simply cannot deliver. A satisfactory customer experience, builds trust and enhances loyalty. Ensure that your waiters are polite and well-trained. The waiting time shouldn’t be too long, and the service must be still excellent at rush hours. Make them feel welcome and value their feedback, even if it is negative. Thank them, own the mistake, and offer a small token to let them know that they are important.


Fine Quality, Fine Price

Your food is your brand. More than anything else, it’s the taste that drives people in. Ensure that your product quality is premium, and the price is easy on the pocket. Apart from the flavour, the food must look good too. Half the taste is in the representation and the smell of the dishes.


Be Innovative

Thrive for innovation and change. Keep your customers guessing and wanting for more. Be it a local band or eccentric waiter costumes, keep your restaurant abuzz with special events and activities. People love having a reason to spend the night out. So, host trivia nights, charitable events, and themed Sundaysto keep the people engaged.


Launch a Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty and rewards come hand in hand. An effective program deepens customer engagement and compels them to visit your restaurant regularly. Customers get points for every dollar they spend, which can be redeemed later. Offer double points when they visit two days in a row, extra points when they invite friends to join the program, and special offers for kids. Ensure that the rewards are attainable, and your staff is well versed in motivating people to sign up. Once you attain members, make them feel valued by sending personalised messages and emails.


Be on The Internet

Social Media handles and a website significantly increase your restaurant’s visibility. While creating a social media handles is reasonably straightforward, website development might seem daunting.Although there are various online tools available that help you make one on your own without any cost. If possible, add an online ordering window. Generate online bills as it gives the consumer a sense of security and digital convenience. Allow users to track their order and provide details of their delivery guy. Introduce a feedback form after the delivery has taken place since feedback forms the foundation of success.


Consistency and excellent service are the keys to drive massive customer loyalty. Develop a website, spread the word on social media, and find innovative ways to keep the customers engaged. Sell your brand and get yourselves some regular and trustworthy clientele.

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