How do I engage with the OrderArt team to transform my business?

There are several experts entirely capable of leading you through this journey. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager remains a glue between these roles to make this transformation a truly simplified experience and an amazing outcome.

Menu Experts

  • Review your menu, prices, add-ons, sides, nutrition and dietary preferences details
  • Choose a layout that is easy to navigate
  • Help finalise the imagery for items
  • Configure the entire menu in the system


  • Understand your color theme and design requirements
  • Place brand aligned pictures and banners
  • Build a desktop and mobile friendly website
  • Review and refine design elements periodically

Customer Success Manager

  • Your dedicated contact for ongoing communication
  • Ensure every feature is optimised
  • Install Software on your devices
  • Set up your Payment Gateway
  • Set up meals, deals and promotions
  • Coach you on how to use the interface features

Marketing Experts

  • Watch and respond to customer sentiments
  • Guide you with the best marketing strategy
  • Build a 360 Search Engine Optimisation roadmap
  • Advertise on social media platforms / Google
  • Run SMS and Email promotional campaigns for your customer
  • Build a catalogue of customer retention and growth hacks